9 Famously Unfinished Buildings Around the World

What a build up!

Architectural wonders are peppered around the world. Civilizations, emperors, and architects have left their stamps on their land. For some, the imprint didn’t make quite the mark and their dream buildings were left unfinished. There are a variety of different reasons for their non-success: lack of funds, unrealistic plans, wars, and epidemics. However, even incomplete, these buildings have become landmarks that attract tourists who want to know the history and the tragedy of what could have been.

What Do Vaccine Certificates in Different Countries Look Like?

Each country has a unique vaccine card.

Vaccine certificates are becoming increasingly common everywhere in the world. You need them to dine in restaurants, attend concerts, and travel internationally. Depending on where you live, you’ll have access to a physical card or a certificate uploaded in an app, and it’ll look different than what your friends in another part of the world are carrying. From a simple paper card with names and dates to a digital certificate with a QR code, here’s what governments around the world are issuing as proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

You Can Still Have Fun in Sin City Right Now. Here’s How

From highly 'grammable restaurants, to swanky suites and awe-inspiring shows, these Vegas experiences will all be a hit no matter what you're in town to celebrate.

Las Vegas will always be an “it” spot in the U.S., well-known for its nightlife and casinos, but there is so much more the city has to offer that goes underlooked. Believe it or not, Vegas has some of the best restaurants in the country, some of the most memorable shows, and unique only-in-Vegas experiences that make for the perfect celebratory adventure, be it a birthday, bachelorette party, or dare we say…a quickie wedding! We’ve compiled a list full of places to sleep, to dine – everything you need to have an amazing celebratory weekend in Sin City during these (still) unprecedented times. A few things to keep in mind: Las Vegas has an indoor mask mandate, reservations are required for just about everything, and be sure to book as far in advance as possible. All hotels listed have a daily resort fee that is added to the base price of the room, and it pays to stay in a resort that has restaurants or shows you plan on attending. Weekdays are less expensive and less crowded, and pool parties and nightclubs are still packed with long wait times and up-close mingling.

9 Poorly-Designed Buildings With Major Architectural Flaws

Have you heard of “death rays”?

When building something, design errors are common. But when multi-million dollar projects fail to impress, it’s hard to look the other way—they get etched into the public’s memory for all the wrong reasons. So many buildings have fallen short of expectations–their defects are glaringly obvious. We’re looking at some of the world’s most embarrassing design flaws that will go down in history as major architectural failures.

10 Books That Will Take You Places in November

From New York to Tokyo.

November is a chill month. The holiday season is going to hit full throttle soon—more so this year as the U.S. lifts travel bans—so you can take these few weeks and start to wind down from another chaotic year. And if you’ve clicked on this headline, then you know the relaxation we recommend involves a book (or ten).  This is a mix of fiction and nonfiction that will take you to different parts of the world and perhaps give you inspiration for travels in 2022. Give that travel bucket list another look because you will want to retrace the steps of these authors and characters.